May 8 & 9, 2021

We hope that somewhere in these links, descriptions, stories and videos you find a next step for yourself into the richness of life together as we seek to learn from Jesus who has passed through death and into life, and invites us to share in his resurrection and newness of life. And if you are unsure where to begin, please contact one of our pastors; we’d love to help you! 

Covid 19 Update from Clyde & Sam

With the most recent Covid-19 restrictions being announced by the provincial government, we wanted to give you an update on what these mean for our gatherings and ministries for the next little bit.


What is baptism all about?  Why do people do it? How does it shape and form us in our discipleship? If you have some of these questions, we warmly invite you to join in our upcoming online baptism class as we explore the biblical precedents for baptism in the Old and New Testaments. We will also walk through the way we do baptism here at Southview. This class can be taken in preparation for the Pentecost Sunday baptisms coming up on May 21-22. 


We have a new employment opportunity at Southview! This role will provide leadership to a new area of ministry in supporting community members who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. This position may include increased issues related to mental health and/or addiction. If you or someone you know would be perfect for this position, please follow the link below for more information or to apply.


Lenten Seminar Redux

Back in March we were delighted to have Dr. Darrell Johnson join us for this years Lenten Seminar, entitled “A New Life and a New Way to Live It,” to talk about walking in the Spirit. A great topic for the season of Lent and equally as applicable now during the Easter season. And we are thankful that Dr. Johnson has allowed us to make these recordings available to you now.


One of the most challenging aspects of life with Jesus is reconciling the promise that Jesus is with us and for us and (as he says in John 14:14, “If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it”), with the reality of unanswered prayer. As we approach this topic in our teaching this week, we are so grateful to have Lori share her experiences with the silence of God on our blog. This is a reminder to us that disappointment is not a stranger to those of us who follow Christ, yet there is always hope.

Weekly Online Liturgy

Weekly Online Liturgies for those joining with us from home.

Weekly YouTube Premier

Join us for our online liturgy premier, every Sunday at 10 am.

SAC Kids Weekly Lesson

Weekend lessons to engage your kids and help them learn about Jesus.

Those are the updates for this week! If you would like to connect with us further, learn more about our ministries, or submit a confidential prayer request, I encourage you to get in touch.