March 25 & 26, 2023

Hello friends. We hope that somewhere in these links, descriptions, stories and videos you find a next step for yourself into the richness of life together as we step into 2023 and seek to learn from Jesus. If you are unsure where to begin, please contact one of our pastors; we’d love to help you!

HUB Tutoring

Now Open

Registration is now open for free spring tutoring on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for Kindergarten to Grade 12. Help is offered in math, language arts, writing, biology, physics, and chemistry.

Please note that a Realm account is required to register your child for tutoring.

Employment Opportunity

Grade School Coordinator

We are currently seeking a person to direct and coordinate ministry for Grades 1-6 at Southview Church. A deep relational walk with Jesus that forms and informs all aspects of life and ministry is essential for this role. The successful candidate will join our Kids’ Ministry Team as we seek to inspire, support, and equip families to grow as disciples of Jesus.

Exploring Small Groups

Begins April 17

Exploring Small Groups is designed to connect people in community at Southview with short term groups that are 6 weeks long. There is no commitment required after the 6 weeks, but you may be given an opportunity to continue.

The sessions will be on I BELIEVE: Exploring the Apostles Creed by Alister McGrath. This study will give us a deeper understanding of the Apostles Creed. Our hope with this study is that it will help people think through some areas of their faith and deepen our understanding of what we believe. Join us on this 6 week small group connection and growing in our understanding of what we believe!  

Discipleship Pathway: The Apostles' Creed

April 19 | 6:30 pm

At Southview, we desire to see the Kingdom of God bringing transformation, renewal of life to our lives and our world. So, as we look to these coming years and our mission as church we know we need to come together more than ever in our journey of following Jesus and learn from each other on how to grow as disciples who make disciples

Join us for the next stop on our Discipleship Pathway as we look at the creedal tenants of our faith through the words of The Apostle’s Creed and gain an understanding of why the Creed is important within the Body of Christ.

Good Friday & Easter Services

Friday, April 7: 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 11:45 am
Saturday, April 8: 6:30 pm
Sunday, April 9: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am


at southview church

As a church family, we are in a season of prayer and discernment as we prepare to honour Clyde for his many years of service to Southview, and welcome new leadership. We invite you to engage with this process as we prayerfully consider the best process and people to guide us forward. Follow the link below for information and updates as we embark on this journey together.

Upcoming Ministry Dates

We’re excited to create opportunities for connection, serving, and discipleship this year at Southview. Please be sure to watch our Upcoming Events page and keep up to date on Realm for all the latest info.

Tp donate to relief efforts in Turkey & Syria, follow the links from our home page.

All seniors of Southview are invited to coffee, connection and an encouraging message.

Families are warmly welcomed to engage with the stations of the cross.

Join us for our next Discipleship Pathway event as we dive deep into the Apostle’s Creed.

Kids are welcomed to our next home alone and babysitting course, run via Safety 4 Kids.

Sr High Students: Join us at Monster Mini Golf for an unforgettable night!

Jr High Students: Join us onsite at Southview for an epic evening of dodgeball!

Mark your calendars! Leader and camper registration for summer camp is now open.

Care Ministry

We have a number of support groups running at Southview to help people navigating various seasons and circumstances in life. One of these groups is our Widows Connection Group. This group meets once a month and has become a place of friendship, encouragement and support to a number of our widows here at Southview. Here’s what a few of them have said about the group…

“The Widows Connection has been so beneficial. Sharing my feelings with others in similar circumstances has been a God-given gift. The support and love received from the group has lifted me up during such a difficult period in my life.”

“The common things we widows deal with can be so hard to face on our own. It is wonderful to have an opportunity to share our needs and struggles and have prayer support, compassionate hearts and even hugs!”

“We share prayer, tears, and laughter!”

“The widows group builds up my faith in God’s goodness as we watch and discuss the videos. The group draws me closer to God and others.”

“The widows connection group has been a very encouraging time for me. A great time of sharing joys, sorrows, and even laughs! Seeing God’s great love, and hope for the future.”

Please pray for the widows among us. Pray they would know the depth of God’s love for them, and the peace and daily presence of Jesus in their lives. Pray they would establish strong friendships with one another and continue to find support and encouragement as they meet. If you’re interested in finding out more about this group or other support groups, please email us:

2023 Lenten Project

In Partnership with Moviendo Esperanzas

For most of us, daily mobility and access to our community is something we take for granted. Yet in developing countries like Costa Rica, over 700,000 people living with a physical disability have no access to state funding or support. This lack of mobility is a severe limitation and impacts access to health care and employment. Sadly, more than 50% of those with disabilities in Costa Rica live in poverty and have little hope of improving their situation.

For this year’s Lenten Project, we’re partnering with Moviendo Esperanzas, an organization that works on the ground in Costa Rica, to help alleviate this problem. Each of us can get involved by donating the cost of a small wheel, a large wheel, or a whole wheelchair. Our total fundraising goal is $70,000, which would allow Southview to provide a container of 200 wheelchairs to people in need. May God use our gifts as a way to create Moving Hope for the people of Costa Rica, their families, and their communities.

Southview Media Centre

Weekly sermon livestreams for those joining from home.

Latest Financial Update

View our most recent financial update here.

Those are the updates for this week! If you would like to connect with us further, learn more about our ministries, or submit a confidential prayer request, we encourage you to get in touch.