Thank you for taking the time to update your Safe Ministry Training and for your servant’s heart in working with our children, youth, and vulnerable adults at Southview Church. Your time and efforts are blessing those you work with and the church as a whole.

How to Complete Your Online Training

There are 6 video modules below (approximately 24 minutes total) which outline our Safe Ministry Policy. Please watch each video in its entirety in order to complete your annual training. While a video may not apply to your serving area directly, the information within is still valuable. Please do not skip over any videos; together they form our full policy.

Once you have completed watching all the videos, please complete the form at the end of this page to confirm you have completed watching and understand them. This confirmation will become part of our records which is needed to comply with our insurance policy at Southview.

Module 1: Safe Ministry - Introduction

Module 2: Safe Ministry - General Safety

Module 3: Safe Ministry - Health

Module 4: Safe Ministry - Group Management

Module 5: Safe Ministry - Understanding Abuse

Module 6: Safe Ministry - Youth

Confirmation Form