Spotlight | Women’s Ministry

Women's Ministry at Southview continues to be vibrant and diverse, even during these difficult times. Hear from Justine Lofgren, Director of Women's Ministries, about the numerous opportunities for connection at Southview, both in person and online.


Amidst the adjustments to how our ministry functions this year, two ministries in particular – M&M and Women’s Bible Study – have continued to point us Up, In, and Out.

M&M (which stands for Mary & Martha) is the outreach arm of women’s ministry with a specific focus on the Calgary Sonshine Centre. This past Thanksgiving, our women baked, cooked and donated financially so a team of women could assemble and deliver Thanksgiving hampers, complete with meals, desserts, individually addressed cards and gifts to each family in all 24 suites. We are already looking ahead to more opportunities to serve both at Christmas, and in January when a new family moves into our suite.

We have 85 women engaged in our Women’s Bible Study this Fall. We’ve been working through a study called Everyday Theology: What We Believe Matters, and while our gatherings look different than normal, it’s been a joy and a gift to be a part of the deep and meaningful conversations we’ve been having over Zoom (and the advantage of meeting this way in the winter is that you don’t have to navigate the icy roads or church parking lot on the cold, snowy days, but get to participate from the warmth and comfort of your own home.) We know this isn’t the ideal way to meet but have found that even though we’re scattered in our homes and in the ways we’re participating, we’re united and connected in what we’re studying, and this has proved to build a sense of community among us, even while apart. 

If you’re interested in getting involved, we have a number of different ways you can participate: we have small groups that continue to meet outside or via phone, you can join in person at the church on Monday evenings, there are large group Zoom gatherings both on Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings, and we have the option to work through the study on your own at your own pace.

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