Spotlight | Jr High Ministry

Jon Kurtz dives into Jr High ministry at Southview in this week's spotlight. Join us!

Jon Kurtz


“This season of ministry has definitely come with its challenges and uncertainties, which can leave the impression that unless we get back to normal, ministry and life-change will not happen. As much as I desire a sense of normalcy in life and ministry, I am full of joy and awe when I see God working despite these circumstances.​

When COVID became a reality for Junior High Ministry back in March, and everything shifted online, there was a growing sense that ministry wasn’t happening, and we had been halted from doing God’s work. But this simply wasn’t the case. As the year progressed, we heard story after story about how God was using our ministry to shape lives and minister to students, even at our online youth nights. When we were finally able to meet again we had a parent tell us, “it was because of those online youth nights my child was encouraged to come back to youth when you started meeting together again.” ​

We’ve also heard other encouragements from various students who said that youth online was the highlight of their week and helped them through isolation. And now, even as we meet together with a completely different look to ministry that can be discouraging at times, God is still transforming lives and building Christian community among our Junior High students.​

This season has been difficult, but it has been a reminder that it’s God doing His work in the world. Junior High ministry isn’t the same right now, but God who does not change is still working in the world and in our Junior Highs here at Southview.”​

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