Being an integral part of church life, our Resource Centre exists to foster the joy of reading as well as to provide various media for information, learning, inspiration, spiritual growth and enjoyment in order to promote Christian values. The Resource Centre  supports the development of all age groups while connecting people with answers and inspires changed lives. In offering an opportunity to serve with passion, respect and integrity, our Resource Centre enriches our lives and our community.

Resource Centre Hours

Saturdays following the 6:30 pm service
Sundays following the 9:00 and 11:00 am services
Wednesdays following the Women's Bible Study
The Resource Centre is closed on Christmas and Easter


Our Southview Resource Centre and Library has a new process for those who wish to “sign out” materials during this time. Linda Wigle has graciously offered to deliver books to those who wish to receive materials from our Library while our services and ministries are suspended.

Reserving Books & Resources Online

Follow the link above. Use the search box to locate specific books or resources (don’t start with “the” or “A”– i.e. if you are looking for “The Complete Christian,” search for “Complete.”)

Click “View more Details” to see if that item is available and to read more about it.

Click “Add to Book Bin” to reserve the item. When you’re finished adding items, select your book bin from the main navigation menu.

Click “email” and enter your email in the “from” box. In the “to” box, please enter

In the message box be sure to add your name, address and any other information you may want. Click “send” to complete your order.

Receiving & Returning Your Items

Each book will be disinfected with wipes and bundled together with the printed request. Contact for delivery will be made via email with a time when the items will be delivered to your doorstep.

Linda will ring your doorbell and leave the items at your door. For book returns, please leave them at your door so Linda can pick them up as she drops off your new order.

All books will be disinfected upon return to the Southview Church Resource Centre and Library. Please be assured that we will follow all sanitation protocol required by Alberta Health Services.

We will not be offering drop off and pick up of books at the church until further notice. If you have questions, please contact

We Provide ...

Reference material, fiction, youth and children’s books, CDs and DVDs. Displays of materials are also made available that complement the current teaching series for those who wish to do further reading. If a book is mentioned during a service, it will also be available at the Resource Centre.