Week 6 Playlist | Hannah Hunt

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself reaching for what is familiar rather than what is new lately. This music has many fond memories attached; from the best concert of my life by Aidan Knight, to the Scenic Route to Alaska album that Dylan and I listened to on repeat leading up to our wedding. There are beautiful instrumentals that help me get into my feelings and a few tunes to dance it out to. I hope that you make some memories as you listen, but more than anything, may you find joy in something new today.

Snug | Aso

I Need a Forest Fire | James Blake, Bon Iver

Rainbows | Hubstcy, Straun, OzVincent

Dream Team | Aidan Knight

Gorge | quickly, quickly

Tremendous Sea of Love | Passion Pit

Give & Take | John Marc

Simple Gospel (Live) | United Pursuit

Beggar | Benjamin James

Oh Daniel - Acoustic | Civil Twilight

warm blood | floor

Same Blood | Kings Kaleidoscope

Story of an Immigrant - Acoustic | Civil Twilight

The Way Home | Mo Lowda & the Humble

Taking Its Toll | Scenic Route to Alaska

Seasons Change (Live) | United Pursuit, Michael Ketterer

Vardelur | Sigur Ros

Rained In | Nathan Kawanishi

Superposition | Young the Giant

Rose Garden | Kupla

We'll All Be Free | William Matthews, Lisa Gungor

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