Marriage Preparation

Our desire is to help people who are considering marriage to establish a marriage that will not only survive, but also thrive.

Save Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS)

Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. More than a million couples have used the award-winning Save Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS for short) created by Dr. Les & Leslie Parrott, and now–through the new SYMBIS Assessment, we can help you prepare for lifelong love like never before.  

Southview Church has certified SYMBIS facilitators to help get you started on your journey toward marriage.  Please contact us to get started by filling out the form below.

No. To ensure accurate results each of you will need to complete the assessment on your own without discussing it. 

This is optimal. You get better results if you don’t take breaks between questions. However, if you have to take a break and continue later, your progress is saved along the way. 

The SYMBIS Report is incredibly powerful and robust. For this reason, a certified Facilitator is required to help you understand and apply all of the valuable information it contains.  

SYMBIS pairs an engaged couple with a trained facilitator for 8 sessions over a 2-to-3-month period. It is critical to begin marriage preparation at least 6 months before your wedding date.  

The SYMBIS Assessment will generate a customized report, adding information specific to your circumstances. In fact, a section of your report will be dedicated to issues such as second marriages and blending a family. 

The cost of SYMBIS is $150 per couple, which includes all materials and assessment tools.

As soon as both of you complete the SYMBIS Assessment, your facilitator will be notified and then contact you to schedule your sessions. 

Absolutely. This is critical. Every aspect of this assessment is grounded in multiple studies to ensure that the tool is both reliable and valid.   

Marriage Enrichment

Married Life 365 Community Group

This is our Realm community group which exists to help people experience the individual growth necessary for a healthy marriage. No matter what state your relationship is in, we hope that the resources posted, and the events promoted to this group will help you take small steps in the right direction to get (back) to happily ever after.

If you have a Realm account, please go to groups, click on find groups, type in Married Life 365 Community, and request to join the group! If you don’t have a Realm account, please join our online community.

Small Groups

Our Southview Church Small Groups are a place where sustained life change can occur in your marriage. Consider joining one today!

Marriage Support

Marriage Counselling

We know that special guidance is sometimes needed to navigate the trials of marriage. Please follow this link for more information about seeking counselling for your marriage.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring is the process of having a seasoned and experienced couple (nobody said anything about being “perfect”) come alongside a less experienced couple to help show them the way. Our Marriage Mentor Ministry will pair you with a trained mentor couple to help you either:

Maximize – deepen and enrich stable marriages
Repair – encourage couples in distress

Please complete the form below to request more information about marriage mentoring.

Marriage Network

If we don’t provide what you are looking for or our dates and courses don’t work for you, we offer the following partnerships:

The Calgary Marriage Network (YYCMN)

No matter where you live in Calgary, we want to make it easy for you to find the marriage help you need. Co-founded by First Alliance Church, The Calgary Marriage Network (YYCMN) is a partnership between eight churches in the city, working collaboratively to encourage and strengthen marriages within local churches and in the broader community through classes, workshops, cross-training, and special events through Fun and Faith.

Participating churches include First Alliance, Centre Street, Foothills Alliance, Southview, Bethany Chapel, Grace Baptist, Royal Oak Victory and Westview Baptist.

Follow YYCMN on Facebook for the latest news and events. Or check out Fun+Faith Events near you!

First Alliance Church

Feel free to explore First Alliance Church’s website for more classes and couples’ groups options.