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Registration for the 2022 Summer Camp is now full.

JULY 5-8, 2022
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Kids entering grades 1-6 in the fall are welcome to join us for a day camp! Kids’ Camp this year is all about Making Waves – What you do today can change the world around you!


Please Note: All volunteers will receive free preschool care during the camp, and small group leaders will receive a discount for their own child to attend.

Kids’ Camp is much more than fun and entertainment. There is life and truth being spoken and taught, and the love of Jesus is being shared. By serving during Kids’ Camp you are uniquely positioned to share this wonderful time with them and help shape what they experience and learn. As the kids grow and move on to Jr High and Sr High ministry, the memories and lessons they have at Kids’ Camp will impact their faith and life decisions for years to come. 

We simply can’t do Kids’ Camp without you! Would you like to be a part of something so significant and impactful in the faith journey of your child and the lives of others?

  • Small Group Leader: Relationship builder, Guide group between activities, Lead Discussions 
  • Small Group Helper: Relationship builder, Assist leader with activities and transitions
  • Large Group Helper: Assist in Prep/Layout of Items for Large Group Activities, Cleanup 
  • Rotation Helper: Help set-up supplies/activities each morning for the various leaders
  • Snack Leaders: Greet Campers, Prep & distribute daily pre-planned snack supplies for campers, preschoolers & volunteers, Supervise snack build, Cleanup 
  • Games Leader: Organize/Layout pre-planned game equipment, Lead/Explain activities, Cleanup between groups and end of day 
  • Games Helper: Assist with organizing game equipment, Help campers with games, Cleanup 
  • Craft Leader: Organize/Layout pre-planned craft supplies, Lead/Explain craft, Cleanup between groups and end of day
  • Craft Helper: Assist leaders with prep of supplies, Help campers with activities, Cleanup 
  • Missions/Experience Leader: Lead groups in a prayer walk, Supervise preparation of prayer bracelets, Supervise Photobooth 
  • Missions/Experience Helper: Assist leaders/campers with activities, cleanup
  • Worship Leader: Lead large groups in songs/actions, Supervise worship team 
  • Worship Team: Assist leader with actions and songs 
  • Tech: Run sound, videos, slides, lights for large group sessions. Must have tech training
  • Décor Team: Organize/Purchase/Build Sets based on theme and budget provided
  • Preschool Leader (Paid): Connect with the littles, Run activities 
  • Medical Person (Paid): Be on hand for first aid and medical situations